3 Reasons Why You Need to Finish Your Writing Project

Have you ever wondered why starting a project can be so full of ideas, motivation, focus, and commitment, only to later on land into an overwhelming state of pressure, agonizing middle, and a completely dispirited end? This scenario occurs more often than not, and am moved to refer to it as the curse of the writer.

Stumbling blocks characterize almost all writing projects, so badly in some situations that they completely disorient what was once a comprehensive research, sleepless nights, sincere effort, and immense sacrifice, just to name a few. Ranging from lack of time, family issues, writers block, running out of ideas to fear of rejection, stumbling blocks can easily lead to an incomplete and stagnated end.

Every writer’s desire is to start writing a book or an article, and most importantly to finish it. Here are 3 reasons that should make you reconsider completing your project.

  1. You Owe It to Your Target Audience

Needless to say, every author writes for a specific purpose and with focus on the end user. Whether it’s a romantic novel, a fantasy novel, or a blog post, the final script is published and availed to the target audience with the aim of entertaining, informing, radicalizing, engaging, or sensitizing the reader. Not a single dedicated writer or author puts together a book or an article out of sheer fun with completely no focus.

As such, it is always important for every writer to bear in mind and to feel that he or she is indebted to the target audience, whether the audience is consciously aware of the ongoing project or not. Wouldn’t it be unfair to the fans if a football match ended way long before the 90 minute mark? That’s the kind of disappointment that an unfinished project brings; directly or indirectly.

  1. Quitting Only Amounts to Living with Guilt

Winners never quit and quitters never win. Plainly simple. Failing to complete a project for no genuine and legitimate reason (such as major illness) is calling upon oneself guilt, self-condemnation and feelings of failed responsibility.

However much long it may take, and in some cases very long (years), to complete writing a book or a certain assignment, every writer should always aim for finishing what they begin. Toni Sorenson has the following to say:

“The secret is not following the right path, it’s following the right path to the end. Don’t quit, my friend, until you’ve arrived.”

  1. Great is the Joy in Finishing a Project

Ask any writer who finished working on a project to narrate to you how it feels to be fully aware that they touched the finish line in their race. There is great joy in being successful. It brings about the feeling of fulfillment, self-confidence, a reason to take rest and you feel on top of the world!

I wrap this up with words from Nicholas Sparks:

“Writing the last page of the first draft is the most enjoyable moment in writing. It’s one of the most enjoyable moments in life, period.”





15 Replies to “3 Reasons Why You Need to Finish Your Writing Project”

  1. #2 is definitely true for me; it leads to an almost infinite loop of the guilt bringing you down, so you don’t want to write, which leads to more guilt and so on. Now if I can just take it to heart and keep moving… great post.

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  2. There comes a point in many writing projects, including my current novel, where I hit the wall. Then comes the fear – Oh, no. Have I done all of this work for nothing? It’s important to keep at it, but take a step back and try for a different perspective. Often as not, the solution comes when I least expect it.


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